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About Us

Mary Ferrante, Founder, Italian Restaurant in Gorham, NH

Our Founder

Mary Ferrante, founder of Mary's Pizza, was born on July 13, 1912, and passed away on April 15, 2007. As Mary's Pizza celebrates our 65th anniversary this year, we would also be celebrating her 100th birthday.

Our History

In 1947, Mary and her husband Camillo moved to the Berlin and Gorham area shortly after World War II. Once they settled into the area they had a vision of starting the 1st pizzeria. That dream became a reality when Mary opened the pizzeria.
Mary gave her name to the business and her endless energy. The pizzeria is open 6 days a week with the 7th day closed for resting. This tradition is still honored and practiced today; NO PIZZA ON SUNDAYS.
In 1969, Camillo, 16 years to her senior, persuaded Mary to retire with him. Unfortunately, he passed away on November 4, 1970.

2nd Generation Ownership

Then in 1969, the 2nd generation, son Tony and wife Lorraine, took over the business. They ran it together for the next 20 years.
Through the years they continued serving Mary's recipes and opened a second location in 1974. The new location was at the old Globe Shopping Center, which is now Wal-Mart®. It was operated by Lorraine until she sold it 1978 due to bad health.
Tony and Lorraine continued to operate Mary's Pizza until her passing on October 9, 1988. Tony then continued to operate it until he sold it to his son, Jim, in 1989. Then on February 9, 2009, Tony passed away.

3rd Generation Ownership

Jim and his wife Maggie, the 3rd generation now operate Mary's Pizza. They operate it with the same traditional day-to-day operation from the fresh dough to the 6 days a week schedule.

Homemade Flavor

Together, they enhanced the family's recipes by enlarging Mary's vision. Today, old and new customers alike are treated to a variety of homemade pizza and pasta dishes. We are proud to be one of the few restaurants left that make our own dough, pastas, sauces, and meatballs on site.
None of our dishes are made with frozen or prepared products. Our restaurant takes great pride in our menu and award winning pizzas and sauces.

Continuing The Tradition

Mary's Pizza was founded on the vision of bringing customers great food from a fine family establishment. Today, the Ferrante family continues to fulfill this goal.
In October 2011, Mary's Pizza gained its first official Assistant Manager, Thera Burnell (King). She has worked here since she and Dan dated in high school.
Through the years she has worked her way up from being a dishwasher to waitress to pizza maker. She enables Jim and Maggie to enjoy their winter home in Hudson, Florida. We have now officially made Thera a partner in the business.
In September 2013 Mary's Pizza was Voted Best Pizza in New Hampshire by viewers poll on WMUR-TV.

Branching Out

Jim and Maggie's sons, Joe and Dan, both have worked at the family restaurant before perusing other careers. In Las Vegas, Nevada, Joe works in executive security for the Club Light at Mandalay Bay Resort.
After running his own business, Dan moved to Portland, Maine, to work for Verizon®. He later moved to Baton Rouge Louisiana to become a Verizon district manager.
Maggie stopped working at the restaurant in 1996 when Dan was in a serious ATV accident. After he recovered, she was inspired to enroll in nursing school in 1997, and graduated in 1999 with honors.
She is presently working in geriatrics at the Merriman House in the North Conway Hospital. Maggie is a valuable employee to the hospital and does a great job.
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